Developmental Program

West Valley Gymnastics School is where natural born athletes become National Team Members and Olympians.

due to covid-19, our devo classes will temporarily be ran as a camp. please contact for more information.

Our Devo Program is where young athletes are propelled forward to excellence!

West Valley Gymnastics School recognizes the natural strength and abilities that young athletes are capable of.  Because the sport of Gymnastics is always evolving, we understand that our programs need to as well. Developmental is where young gymnasts are introduced to the Team Program, focusing on form, strength & technique so they may excel in the future of gymnastics. 

Devo is by invitation only.  Please contact us for an evaluation.  

intro to team

Ages 4-6

This class meets in a twice a week format.

Intro to Team is an invitation-only class.


Ages 5-8

This class meets in a twice a week format. 

Pre Team is an invitation-only This class is very demanding, and requires a high degree of gymnastic potential, focus, attention to detail as well as a fast paced skill development program.