We are so proud of West Valley gymnasts Ciena and Samantha for their performances at Hopes National Championships, held July 24 in Chicago!

Ciena took 1st place on beam, tied for 2nd place of floor and 2nd place in the all-around. Sam took 6th on vault, 3rd on beam and tied for 9th in the all-around. To see video of the girls' routines, click HERE and follow the times listed below:

2015 07 27 1724   2015 07 27 1723

  • Beam starts at 33:05 for Sam and ends at 37:15 for Ciena
  • Floor starts at 1:03:00 for Sam and 1:05:57 for Ciena
  • Vault starts at 1:24:34 for Sam and Ciena at 1:25:40
  • Bars starts at 1:59:55 for Sam and for Ciena 2:01:55

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