Our Level 8s earned 3rd place as a team; be sure to check out the banner they all signed that is now hanging up in the gym! Our Level 9s placed 6th as a team and our Level 10s finished 5th!

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We have individual highlights from the State Championships!

Level 10s:

Emily – won Floor with a 9.75!
Megan – 4th place on Vault with a 9.625
Camille – 4th on Vault with a 9.6
Briana – tied for 2nd on Floor with a 9.45

Level 9s:

Crystal – won Vault with a 9.5, won Floor with a 9.525 and won the All-Around with a 37.425!
Alexandra – 5th on Floor with a 9.325
Ciena – won Beam with a 9.6!

Level 8s:

Samantha – won Vault with a 9.6, won Floor with a 9.7 and won the All-Around with a 38.375!
Lainey – 6th on Floor with a 9.45
Alyssa – won Beam with a 9.6 and tied for 1st on Floor with a 9.5!
Jacquelyn – tied for 1st place on Beam with a 9.3, took 2nd on Floor with a 9.4 and 2nd in the All-Around with a 37.125

Great job girls! We are so proud of you, keep up the hard work.

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