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On Friday May 13, 2016 Emily competed for Elite Qualifier and placed 4th on Floor and Bars!  The next day, Ciena competed at the Hope Classic and took 1st on Bars, Floor and All Around!  Both of these competitions took place at the U.S. Olympic Training site.  Ciena and Emily are currently Level 10 gymnasts at West Valley Gymnastics School, training under Coach Paul Duron and Coach Judy Zhou.

We are extremely happy for these ladies and their amazing accomplishments!

IMG 5280     IMG 5315

We continue to be impressed every time our gymnasts compete, and this past weekend was no exception.  Coach Paul and Coach Judy accompanied Level 10 gymnasts Ciena, Emily and Briana to Nationals on May 6-8th, 2016 in Fort Worth, TX.  Their hard work and dedication to the sport of gymnastics is incredible and we love watching these ladies develop and master skills each and every day.  WVGS is very proud of our Level 10's!  
We would also like to extend our sincere appreciation to their parents and families.  We know those early morning practices, countless hours of lessons and time on the road driving meet to meet can sometimes take a toll but we thank you for supporting your daughters, for being their biggest cheerleader and role models and most importantly for allowing them to follow their dreams!

Briana: 11th on Beam
Ciena: 9th on Bars, 2nd on Floor
Emily: 6th on Beam, 8th on Vault and the NATIONAL CHAMPION on Floor!

The 2016 Region 1 Championships were hosted in Las Vegas, NV on April 8-10th.  West Valley Gymnastics School sent 5 talented gymnasts alongside Coach Paul and Coach Judy to compete at this prestigious meet.  We are impressed with their hard work and are happy to announce all Level 10 ladies qualified for Nationals!!

Here are some highlight scores from these gymnasts:

Level 10
Ciena: 1st on Beam with 9.575
Emily: 4th on Vault with 9.6254, 2nd on Beam with 9.6752, 1st on Floor with 9.8251 and 1st All Around with 38.1501
Briana: 6th on Beam with 9.575 

Level 8
Yuval: 4th on Beam with 9.250 and 4th All Around with 36.975
Joanna: 4th on Bars with 9.4254 and 2nd All Around with 37.5002

** For more scores, click here

Great Season Level 8 and Best of Luck at Nationals Level 10! 

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The Novato Classic was held March 11-13, 2016 in Novato CA.  WVGS sent gymnasts from the Xcel Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond teams.  We are proud to announce these teams and individuals scored high, bringing home lots of medals to show for it.  Our Xcel Bronze and Xcel Silver teams placed 1st in every age division.  Level 6 ladies placed 1st, 2nd and 4th in the All-Around for individual scores. Xcel Gold, Platinum and Diamond had an outstanding weekend with several athletes placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd All-Around.  Congratulations to Xcel Diamond gymnast Lindsey for scoring a 9.9 on her floor routine! 

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First Meet of the Season

We’re kicking off 2016 with a bang! Rose, Samantha and Sophie had their first meet of the season at the San Francisco Classic, held on January 16th-17th at the Cow Palace.

We are so proud of West Valley gymnasts Ciena and Samantha for their performances at Hopes National Championships, held July 24 in Chicago!

Our Level 8s earned 3rd place as a team; be sure to check out the banner they all signed that is now hanging up in the gym! Our Level 9s placed 6th as a team and our Level 10s finished 5th!

We have individual highlights from the State Championships!

Chandler, AZ was home to the 2016 Region 1 Xcel and Level 7 Regionals on April 22-24th.  WVGS gymnasts alongside Coach Kristina, Coach Jessica, Coach Paul and Coach Carie hit the ground running for a 3 day weekend event and we are very proud of our athlethes success!  Below are a few highlights from our incredible gymnasts.  Click here to find more scores from the individuals that competed in each session!

IMG 4813

Level 7:
Sophie-1st Vault, 1st Beam, 4th All Around
Kelly-1st Vault, 1st Beam

Xcel Platinum:
Nina-4T Vault
Lily-4th Vault *Pictured Below

IMG 4814

Xcel Diamond:
Freya-2nd Beam, 2T Floor, 3T All Around *Pictured Above 

IMG 4811

Xcel Gold:
Megan-4T Vault
Mira-2T Bars *Pictured Below
Sara-3rd Vault, 4th Beam, 4th All Around
Kaitlyn-2nd Floor

IMG 4812

Xcel Silver:
Samantha-3T Bars

April 1st-3rd were the NorCal South State Championships held in Redwood City, CA.  Level 6/7 State Championships were held the same weekend in Livermore, CA.

We are more than proud of all the gymnasts that competed!  The competition spanned across 3 days with 9 sessions and WVGS took home many medals.

We would like to spotlight a few individual accomplishments:

Level 7- Sophie and Kelly are State Champions!  We appreciate all the hard work from both gymnasts and a huge thank you to Coach Judy and Coach Paul for your dedication to making these young athletes succeed!

Level 6-  Rose placed 2nd on Vault and 3rd All Around, Karen took 1st on Bars and Ellie scored 1st on floor.

Xcel Diamond-  Nitya placed 3rd on Vault and 2nd on Bars.  Olivia and Freya both took home 1st and 3rd place medals, Freya also placed 1st All Around and made the NorCal Diamond State Team!

Xcel Platinum- Nina placed 2nd on Beam, Lily took 2nd on Vault, 2nd on Bars and 3rd All Around.

Xcel Gold- Kaitlyn and Sara- 1st place All Around! Mira took 1st on Vault and Gwendolyn scored 1st on Bars.

Xcel Silver- April took 1st on Vault, Bars and All Around.  Reva, 1st on Vault.  Elise, 1st on Beam.  Madeline, 1st on Bars.  Ashley, 1st on Bars and Esther, 1st on Bars.

Xcel Bronze-  Deanna, 1st All Around, Jane 1st on Beam and Floor, Iris, 1st on Vault, Arya, 1st on Bars, Rebecca, 1st on floor, Angela, 1st on Bars, Annu, 1st on Vault and Beam, Addison, 1st on Vault and Tashi, 1st on Beam, Floor and All Around!

Awesome job ladies, we are incredibly happy of your success!

IMG 2798    IMG 2801   IMG 2800   IMG 2946

This past weekend, WVGS competed at Spirit of the Flame in Santa Clara, CA.  This meet was held at the Santa Clara Convention Hall, February 26-28th, 2016.  We are proud of our gymnasts on their individual and team accomplishments!

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