Paul Duron

PaulDuronI have been coaching for over 8 years. I have coached over 30 gymnasts to State titles on Vault and Bars. In 2007, I trained and qualified two gymnasts to U.S. Challenge as Pre–Elites where both placed in the top six on Vault on Bars. I also helped qualify a gymnast to U.S. Classic where she placed 4th on Vault and qualified to Visa Championships in Junior International Division, in addition I had four athletes qualify to level 10 Nationals in 2007. My favorite quote is:

It is my hope and desire to help foster an environment that will challenge athletes to achieve their fullest potential though the sport of gymnastics, while learning important life lessons such as discipline, commitment, passion, respect, and fair play, I believe that quality coaching and consistent standards of expectations across all Levels of gymnastics is the foundation for success. I look forward to being a part of the West Valley coaching team.” I’ve been with WVGS since September 2009.

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