Preschool Classes

Gymnastics is a pillar for all sports.  It is necessary for all young athletes and enthusiasts to develop an understanding of gymnastics movement in order to succeed in athletics.

It helps build self-determination, and better communication skills. It also improves quality of sleep and fights depression.  Participating in gymnastics from a younger age is important. It targets all muscle groups for total-body strength and flexibility

Our Preschool Program allows young children does all of these things, in a fun and safe atmosphere.  

We Guarantee it.

Tumble With your tot

Ages 1-3

A parent participation class where your child will be introduced to the exciting sport of gymnastics!  With the coaches’ guidance, parents will take the athlete through exciting obstacle courses, which will encourage form and strength while having fun!

tumble bugs

Ages 3

An exciting and full filled 45-minute lesson where students are led by coaches through circuits and obstacle courses.  Tumble Bugs will gain an understanding of gymnastics, while building strength and flexibility in a fun and safe setting!

Tiny tumblers

Ages 4

An 45-minute adventure in which athletes will be encouraged to push their gymnastics abilities to the next level! Our coaches will challenges their physical abilities, encourage proper form, test gymnastic vocabulary, and most importantly, lead these Tumblers to Master the sport of Gymnastics.

Shooting Stars

Ages 3-5

Our advanced 45-minute Pre-K class will push your child to be the next level!  Being a more structured, organized and skill focused class, Shooting Stars will ascend to Greatness with the help of our coaches.  In this 45-Minute class, children will be taught how to act and carry themselves as Disciplined Athletes, while having the time of their lives!

Gym kids

Ages 5-6

Your child will look forward to this 45-minute Kindergarten class every week!  Each lesson is filled with new skills, as well as introducing children to our Recreational Gymnastics standard while having the time of their lives!   Athletes will follow their coaches from one event to the next, allowing them to experience all aspects of the best sport in the world!